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Trademark: Supreme
Registration Number 4469145

Ammeet K Agarwal, Owner

Excellent Services. Value for money!
Professional approach. Friendly correspondence.

Trademark: XG Xtreme Gear
Registration Number 4469542

Yunilda Sabino, Owner

I am very satisfied with the service you provided me on register my Trademark , I do not have to do anything i send you the money and you take care of everything.

Continue with you excellent service.

Trademark: italicissima
Registration Number 4533553

Traci Andrighetti, PhD, Owner

This was a great experience.

I wasted years and hundreds of dollars trying to trademark my website on my own. Thanks to [J.J.] Lee, I was able to get my trademark in a matter of months. Thank you!

The ease, the efficiency and the end result: my trademark!

This was a great experience.

Trademark: Faith Stands and Fear Runs
Registration Number 4586765

John & Christie Di Lemme, Owner

Great service! I would definitely recommend to others! I will never do another trademark on my own again! They did everything for me!

I was very satisfied with the overall service that I received from [J.J.] Lee. [Paralegal] was very helpful and prompt with her responses. JJ was extremely patient with my questions, returned my calls, and helped me throughout the entire process. Absolute best legal representation that I’ve received in a very long time.

Trademark: OMIERA
Registration Number 4409970

Amro Amer, Owner

Love doing business with your company.

Accuracy + Promptness + Ease of the process

Trademark: PTW
Registration Number 4609183

Guillermo Vargas, Owner

The whole process was easy and I was kept up to date about the situation.

I’m extremely satisfied.

Registration Number 4627436

Kathy Donahoe, Member Owner JKAT, LLC

Prompt, accurate and friendly communication. Expedient service!

A pleasure to work with such a professional office.

Trademark: KIR
Registration Number 4644449

Dennis Werner, President KIR Natural Foods, LLC

I have confidence that you are watching out for our trademark interests and required activities. I get constant junk mail regarding our trademark and no longer have to read it to make sure I am not missing something important.

Trademark: YTP Young Travel Professionals
Registration Number 4653631

David Kartagener, Owner

The speed in which any/all questions were responded to and answered was most impressive. No matter how small my inquiry I had an immediate answer.

Trademark: Four Show Co
Registration Number 4648012

Patrick Hays, Owner

I was satisfied with the consultation I had with JJ when we clarified my trademark class categories. It made everything easy to understand and was able to move the trademark to fully process.

Trademark: DROPTAIL
Registration Number 4658315

James Casey

Very pleased with the overall experience, correspondence, and most of all, the outcome.

The communication was great! The office action rebuttal was effective.

Trademark: LL
Registration Number 4178881

Trademark: One Christian Voice / 4687398

Rhonda Krill, President Loads of Love, Inc

That Mr. Lee called me himself and filed an intelligent response in a timely manner.

That the response was effective.

Both times I have hired your firm, I was having difficulties getting the trademark to go through and both times you were able to succeed in achieving a registered trademark in spite of the issues.

Trademark: Hemp Remedies
Registration Number 4690194

Brad Mossman, Owner

Everything was great!
I have zero complaints.

Trademark: GO 4 GURU
Registration Number 4680213

Kayamboo Ramalingam, Owner

I am satisfied with their service. Value for the money paid.

Attorneys and their assistants are doing a fantastic job.

Registration Number 4683675

Jonathan Miller, CEO, Plan Management Corp.

Your professional skill at shepherding this through the process.

We are quite pleased and satisfied with your service.

Registration Number 4697488

Ron Brumbarger, CEO Appentice University, Inc.

You guys do good work!

Confidence of staff to succeed.

Registration Number 4698414

Sheryl Tucker, Owner

I will refer [J.J.] Lee

You receive a 10 from me.

I am satisfied with the way your company worked on my trademark and how Emily kept me informed during the process.

Trademark: Eco Logic Dry Kilns
Registration Number 4704119

Robert Funk, President Eco Logic Dry Kilns, LLC

Thank you for helping me stay on top of the deadlines and being patient with my last minute responses.

Your service has been excellent.

Registration Number 4695040

Michael Holmes, Owner

I think it’s great that you assist people whom really don’t understand what the heck the Trademark office wants.

The timely manner in which you handle my action form the trademark office.

Trademark: FileTime
Registration Number 4708069

Tom Schoolcraft, President Filetime, LLC

Things went smoothly. You delivered what you promised. You kept us reasonably well informed.

Trademark: Dr.Iven
Registration Number 4758557

Domenico Pilato, Owner

Everyone I worked with was very professional and responded accordingly.

Thank you for your assistance in helping our organization complete the trademark process.

Trademark: Free Thinkers
Registration Number 4798089

Brandon Selby, Owner

Overall you guys did an amazing job in making my dream a reality! so glad I decided to go with you over other law firms!

The fact that you were able to get my trademark official with little information from me.

Trademark: Soul Grind Entertainment
Registration Number 4809100

Autumn Abby, Owner

I would recommend anyone thats listing in a trademark to have your firm on your side. Its worth it.

I'm extremely satisfied with JJ Lee with helping me reach my goal and that was getting my business registered successfully with the US Trademark

Trademark: Spring Mountain Christian Academy
Registration Number 4823173

Elena Solodyankin, Superintendent Spring Mountain Christian Academy

The professionalism

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