Trademark Licensing Ann Arbor, MI

Navigating The Process Of Trademark Licensing

If you are considering pursuing trademark licensing, contact our Ann Arbor, MI trademark licensing lawyer today for assistance. A trademark license is an agreement by which the trademark owner (the licensor) gives explicit permission to another party (the licensee) to use their trademark under agreed terms and conditions. If you believe that a trademark license is the right step to take for your brand, obtaining the counsel and assistance of a dedicated trademark licensing lawyer can help you ensure that all necessary steps are taken and that your interests are protected throughout the process. To discuss your case with our lawyers, contact the Trademark Lawyer Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.

Types Of Trademark Licensing

Trademark licensing can be broken into six different categories — franchising, merchandising, brand extension, co-branding, component or ingredient branding, and standards. Regardless of the type or purpose of your intended trademark licensing, our Ann Arbor trademark licensing attorney can help you pursue an agreement.

Franchising is a type of license where a franchisee is permitted to use a popular business’ model and IP such as name, logos, strategy, and more in return for a franchise fee. Merchandising entails the licensing of trademarks, designs, characters, and other IP to manufacturers of consumer goods and products. Brand extension involves an agreement between two companies where one is given the right to use the trademark on their product, such as applying a logo to a product. Co-branding involves two or more trademark holders creating a product together with their trademarks. Component or ingredient branding is when someone licenses the right to use the trademark of a component of their product in the packaging and advertising for the product. Standards describes the licensing of the right to use a trademark of a product or company that provides a technical or quality-related standard for the product. Our lawyers can help you determine which type of trademark licensing is best for you and your needs.

Benefits Of Trademark Licensing

There are many potential benefits of trademark licensing. Trademark licensing can help business and trademark owners increase revenue and revenue streams, expand their scope geographically or by entering another field, benefit from the business strength of another company, increase distribution, enter into beneficial partnerships, forge new business allies, create new advertising opportunities, and more.

Trademark licenses can be an effective method of growing a business or brand, as long as the trademark owner carefully ensures that terms, conditions, limitations, and protections for their trademark are included in the agreement. Our Michigan trademark licensing lawyer can help draft and review all documents to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

Our Dedicated Representation

Your trademarks are valuable. Our team knows how important it is to your business, brand, and income to ensure that they are protected in a trademark licensing agreement. We will work hard to provide the guidance and assistance that you need to navigate this process. To discover exactly how our lawyers can assist you with your case, contact the Trademark Lawyer Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.