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Founded by J.J. Lee, the Trademark Lawyer Law Firm, PLLC has successfully registered more than 6,500 trademarks with the USPTO. Dedicated to ensuring that your mark is protected from misuse or theft, our attorneys and staff work closely with clients, taking the time to understand the specific needs of their businesses. Professionally handling each matter with integrity, efficiency, and the personalized attention it deserves, you can rest assured that you have a team on your side who is committed to safeguarding your unique brand.

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J.J. Lee

Founder of the Trademark Lawyer Law Firm, PLLC, J.J. Lee has successfully registered thousands of trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and internationally. Mr. Lee earned his J.D. from the Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor, Michiga… Read More
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Erin C. Bray

Erin Bray handles new client consultation, trademark and copyright filings, office action responses, trademark ex parte appeals, copyright enforcement, and trademark enforcement. She also appears before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to represe… Read More
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Maura LeMay

Maura LeMay handles new trademark applications, trademark renewals, and responds to all client needs at the Trademark Lawyer Law Firm, PLLC. She has a B.A. from Eastern Michigan University and earned her paralegal degree from Oakland Community Colleg… Read More
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