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Metal texture background in black and silver - Trademark a color scheme concept

Las Vegas Law Firm Takes on the NFL and the Raiders in Color Scheme Trademark Lawsuit

A Las Vegas personal injury law firm recently filed suit against the National Football League (NFL) and the Raiders in connection with use of a black and silver color scheme. While the law firm argues that it has used the colors since 2012, the NFL i… Read More
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old facebook logo with an arrow pointing to new meta logo - meta lawsuit concept

Meta is Suing Meta for Naming Itself Meta

A decade old business named MetaX LLC recently commenced a trademark infringement lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company after it rebranded itself with the same name. The installation-art company filed suit in July against Meta Platforms claimin… Read More
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Cropped shot of a woman applying serum to her face - Rhode skincare lawsuit concept

Judge Rules Hailey Bieber Can Continue Promoting Rhode Skincare Line While Infringement Suit is Ongoing

After a motion requesting a preliminary injunction was filed by a clothing brand of the same name, a federal judge in New York ruled that model Hailey Bieber can continue promoting her brand while the Rhode skincare lawsuit is ongoing. The judge’s… Read More
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Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Tinker Bell

Disney Intellectual Property Issues: United’s “Teen Tink” Trademark Rejected

Disney is no stranger to intellectual property issues and trademark infringement lawsuits. The company recently prevailed in a decade-long trademark dispute, halting United Trademark Holdings Inc. from registering trademarks for its “Teen Tink” a… Read More
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Businessman using laptop computer to input information for website search

USPTO Shuts Down Trademark Bid from Domain Registry Company

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit recently affirmed a decision issued by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) to reject Vox’s .SUCKS trademark applications filed in 2018. The domain registry operator submitted two application… Read More
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Nike flagship store at Bangkok , Thailand.

Nike Trademark Lawsuit Against StockX Over Sneaker NFTs

Nike, Inc. recently took legal action against StockX LLC based on its alleged infringement of Nike’s well-known trademark in connection with its non-fungible token (“NFT”) marketplace. The athletic wear retail giant claimed in its lawsuit that… Read More
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trademark - intellectual property protection

The Boring Company Battles The Boring Snack Company Over Trademark Rights

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has seen his share of lawsuits, but a recent trademark dispute was anything but “boring.” In fact, it involved one of the entrepreneur’s other ventures — an infrastructure firm named The Boring Company (TBC). When the Dela… Read More
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Trademark Fair Use Concept

What is Trademark Fair Use?

When you register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you have taken the most important step to protect your brand from misuse by others. However, there are still a limited number of situations in which a third… Read More
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Buc-ee's Convenience Trademark Litigation

Buc-ee’s Trademark Lawsuit Sheds Light on Name and Branding Issues

Texas-based gas station and convenience store Buc-ee’s recently filed a trademark lawsuit against an individual who opened stores with allegedly similar branding. Known for its beaver mascot and distinct bold red lettering, Buc-ee’s alleges that… Read More
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Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field

Cleveland Guardians Baseball and Cleveland Guardians Roller Derby Settle Trademark Lawsuit

Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team recently settled a trademark lawsuit commenced by the local roller derby team over rights to the name “Cleveland Guardians.” The action arose following the baseball franchise’s decision to change its mon… Read More
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